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This group is for those who are wanting to get past their yesterdays and find freedom for today. There are different kinds of Freedom Groups, ranging from substance abuse recovery groups to inner healing groups.
Life Recovery
Divorce and Grief Care Group
28 members in 3 groups


Join a community of people who are passionate about prayer. This prayer hub mostly focuses on praying for our church family, guests for our weekend services, and prayer chains throughout the week.
Discovering Jesus
Song and Creative Writing Collective
20 members in 2 groups


Connect with couples and families that are looking for other people to connect with and grow spiritually.
Young Married Couples
Westerman MC
29 members in 2 groups


Our youth hubs, much like our adult hubs, exist to help our students find community, build relationships, discover purpose, and make an impact together.
Middle School Boys
High School Boys
Middle School Girls
28 members in 4 groups


Our serve hubs embrace a rhythm of serving somewhere in the community on a consistent basis. Some of the places our serve hubs will serve are in nursing homes and women's shelters. If you are looking for a place and a way to serve in our community, this hub is for you.
Learning it and Living it
6 members in 1 group


Recreational hubs are geared toward people who are looking to connect with others through sports and other hobbies. No matter your experience or ability, if you have a desire to connect with others around these two areas, this hub is for you!
15 members in 1 group

Young Adult & Co- Ed

A hub of young adults and Co- Ed's, seeking spiritual growth with others in the same season of life.
Learning to Love
Our Brother's Keeper
8 members in 2 groups